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Michael Michael Knowles (actor/writer/director, producer)

Michael Knowles is an award-winning filmmaker who wears many hats with ease -- acting, writing, directing, editing, producing, and cinematography.

After winning best Feature Film at the San Diego Film Festival and being the Opening Night Film at The Newport Beach Film Festival and The Naples International film festival, Michael’s 3rd feature film, The Trouble With Bliss, which stars Michael C. Hall, Lucy Liu and Peter Fonda and as released in theaters in March of 2012.

Michael is currently editing his fourth feature film, Old Friends/New Beginnings, which he also acted in.

Michael’s first feature, Room 314, received critical acclaim from The New York Times, Variety and many other publications during its Theatrical Run at The Pioneer Theater in NYC in 2006 and won several awards during it’s festival run. Michael's second feature film, One Night, which starred Oscar nominee Melissa Leo earned Michael two best director awards at festivals. Michael was also nominated for Best Editing at the Woodstock Film Festival for The Trouble With Bliss. 

As an actor Michael has appeared on the award winning HBO series Sex And The City as Marathon Man and on an award-winning episode of Law & Order: SVU as Artie Felton. Independent feature film credits include, Point & Shoot, Walking On The Sky, Room 314, One Night and The Babysitters.

In the spring of 2008 Michael invented a revolutionary, simple and affordable camera stabilization system called The Atlas Camera Support and Stabilization System. The Atlas is selling to people around the world, has received positive reviews and has just been approved by the U.S. Patent office.


Michael owns and operates his own production company, Dragonbaby Productions, with his wife, Kathy Huynh-Knowles.


In his spare time Michael teaches and trains in the Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, which is a very traditional Korean Martial Art and most recently Michael obtained his 3rd degree black belt.